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What would the championship be without its mascot? Ours will be a descendant of a cheeky parrot that is very well-known in the city of Pontevedra.

In the late 19th century, the parrot was the pet of don Perfecto Feijoo, a famous local apothecary who set up shop in the city centre. From inside its cage, the parrot scolded clients and passers-by very eloquently and quite indiscriminately. After its death in 1913, during the carnival celebrations, the neighbours organised a multitudinous mock burial for the infamous pet. Today, Ravachol has become the sole protagonist of the Pontevedra carnival season, which devotes the last of its 10 days to mourn the avian decease. Locals bid farewell to a gargantuan replica of the animal and then burn its remains in the main square.

One of the descendants of poor late Ravachol be around during our Multisport Festival, but we have not made up our minds about its name yet. Pontevedra residents will post their suggestions via this web and our social media.