Pontevedra and its locality, full of leisure and tourist activities


The historic port of Combarro, Cíes islands, the oldest artistic rock carvings in Europe and the best museum in Galicia, are a few of the cultural and tourist attractions that athletes and their supporters can enjoy during Multisport 2019, which will be held in Pontevedra from the 27th April to the 4th May.

Combarro is a small historic port and fishing village, just 6 kilometres from Pontevedra city centre.  Its monumental centre -with narrow streets and granaries made of stone- right on the water’s edge, is one of the most iconic places which displays Galicia’s avid marine lifestyle; Combarro sums up the essence of the intimate relationship between this country and the sea, traditionally in fishing and shell fish harvesting, but more recently its marine activities have been extended to water sports and tourism.

Whilst in Pontevedra, the various footprints left by primitive Galician inhabitants are unmissable; their rock and cave markings are the oldest and most important in Europe. Pontevedra is well known for its Galician Petroglyphs since you can find them in so many places around Pontevedra’s surroundings: in Mogor, Tourón, Cotobade and especially in Campo Lameiro, where you can find an incredible rock art park just half an hour from Pontevedra centre.

There are many places for visitors to explore on good weather days during the competition, for example: the magnificent beaches in Marin, O Morrazo and O Salnés, or any of the viewpoints on the nearby mountains (and there are many, each with something different to offer).  There is an ecological adventure park in Marin which is a great place for kids to play, and a golf course in Meaño for the adults.  Visitors can also take in the Atlantic air, visiting Cíes and Ons islands from the Costa da Vela, or take photos by the iconic metal shell sculpture that has become a famous location at sunset for locals and tourists alike-the perfect setting for beautiful photographs as the sun says goodnight to Europe.

Another impressive excursion could be a trip to Soutomaior Castle, about 20 kilometres from the capital; a solid fortress full of history and memories, today the castle is also a fantastic museum, where you can travel back in time through the culture of Galicia. Very close to the castle is Arcade, a small town full of oyster and seafood restaurants where visitors can try our most traditional and delicious products of Galician gastronomy.

In good weather, another thoroughly recommend trip is to go to Cíes or Ons Islands by boat, both are part of the Galician Atlantic Islands National Park, and are natural paradises that offer incomparable seascape and landscape richness and a varied marine and terrestrial ecosystem. As protected areas, they are unspoiled by human touch, with minimal impact from human activities.

As well as the free time activities program that will be offered during the week of the  championship competitions, visitors can also opt for a visit to the lively tourist destination- Sanxenxo-full of terraces, cafes, nightlife, restaurants and bars.  The championships week coincides with the kick off to the summer season, and Sanxenxo’s local council is also preparing an exciting program of events and activities especially with the athletes who are staying there in mind.

Pontevedra, where the competitions will take place, has an interesting cultural heritage.  Being on the path of the Camino De Santiago’s Portuguese route, pilgrim culture is very present in the character of the cozy city, whose traditional slogan is:  “Es buena villa y da de beber a quien pasa”- meaning:  “it is a good town and gives drink to whoever passes by”.  Pontevedra is full of car-free open spaces and buildings with unique architecture.  It has a well-preserved medieval old town; its streets, squares and stone buildings are always lively and there are plenty of beauty spots where you can soak up the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of the shopping, terraces and restaurants.