Claxxon: international pop rock in full for Multisport


On 1st May, the international public holiday, the band Claxxon will be on the main stage at TriFest, a group of Galician musicians who rehears every week in Pontevedra and who, with a repertoire full of international figures, will play the best hits of the 80s and 90s.

Since 2011, Claxxon has stood out from the rest of the many musical groups despite the festive abundance of live music in Galicia, since its music differs from the more common Latin bias of most of the local bands who offer a rock and pop.

Its six members, with two main singers, give everything they’ve got in a performance full of energy, volts and variety, as they perform covers from groups of pop and rock from the 80s like Mecano and Sabina, to more international artists like Bonnie Tyler, Bruce Springsteen, Europe, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and The Cranberries. One of their latest hits has been a succession of themes by the Spanish artist Mónica Naranjo.

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