Cross Triathlon post race press conference with current champion Spanish Rubén Ruzafa, Spanish Laura Gómez and Australian Leela Hancox


Rubén Ruzafa, current owner of the Cross World Champion Triathlon title, and Laura Gómez, silver medalist in the 2018 European Championship in Ibiza, are the main Spanish hopefuls for the Triathlon World Champs that will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 30th in Pontevedra; the second competition of the 2019 Pontevedra Multisport World Championships.

The representatives of the Spanish Triathlon Federation on the elite start list passed by the press room of the CGTD stadium along with Australian Leela Hancox, to comment on her feelings before the race, which will start at 3:30pm for the elites. You can see all the information about the Triathlon World Champs here:

Rubén Ruzafa will try to retain his world title and add more gold to a long list. He considers that “it is not easy to be World Champion year after year” and also feels that he is not “in the best condition due to an injury on one hand. The recovery has been forced a little to be here in Pontevedra, in a World Champs in Spain, I am very excited to compete here and give it everything, although there is a bit of doubt so we’ll see how I am and how the rivals are when competing”.

The female representation among the Spanish athletes, after performing in Ibiza last October, will be Laura Gómez. Europe’s runner-up comes to the Pontevedra World Champs “with great enthusiasm, hoping to compete well, have fun and enjoy and enjoy it. Since I got the silver medal in Ibiza this has been the main goal and everything will have to be given.” Gómez considers that she has in her favour “the swimming, and that the bike technical and quite hard.”

Together with Laura Gómez and Rubén Ruzafa, Australian Leela Hancox appeared before the press, one of the international favourites, declaring to feel “very excited about the race. Pontevedra is a beautiful place to race a World Championship, we will all give everything and I hope to cross the finish line with a smile my face.¨ ´The bike will be the strong point for the Australian athlete, who is a little worried about “water temperature” as she is used to swimming in better temperature conditions. For her part, she will try to “do well on the bike and get a good position and then I just need to hold it on it on the run.”

Ruzafa named some of his main rivals as ¨athletes from the United States, Costa Rica and France, especially the French, who are very good on the circuit.” The World Champion considers that “he is going to swim in quite cold water, we’ll have to see if we come out a blocked from the cold” and then we face “a demanding bike section and a very fast final run that will benefit the people who are accustomed to international races, in which you run a lot.” Its objective is “to lose the minimum in swimming and get the most out of the bike. The key is going to be how close the group is that comes from behind when we reach the final run section”.

Laura Gómez has “the best and the worst memories of Pontevedra, one of the good ones is to have been champion of Spain in lower categories”. She has also gone through a stage “of a great emotional change in the last year, working hard with the psychologist” and feels “very well, with strength and confidence. There is a good set of rivals and each segment will be important, both in the water and on the bike, I will have to work hard on the bike and if my training of last winter comes out now, I’m sure I can do a good job in the race¨ concluded the European runner-up.