Pontevedra, also a LGTB+ friendly destination for triathletes


LGTB+ athletes who are coming to the city with the ITU Multisport Worlds will have several options to choose from. Although Pontevedra is not typically a hot spot for LGBT+ tourism, the Rías Baixas area offers an ideal environment for leisure and interaction for those who have sexual tendencies other than heterosexuality.

The liberal atmosphere is widespread in the city and in its surroundings, and no one represses the affectionate expression of people based on their sexual choices.  This is generally the case throughout Spain. In smaller cities, emocional and affectionate rights are also exercised without any type of limitations, and, in general, exempt from problems. Local and national police officers often exercise defensive action for the rights of public expression of LGBT+ people.

The squares Verdura and Campiño offer the youngest and most diverse areas of the capital, in which both conventional and more diverse families coexist in an environment with absolute indifference towards the sexual orientation of the people.

In addition to the popular contact apps used by homosexuals, some bars are commonly frequented by LGBT+ people, though not exclusively. Bar Rumore, a place on Virxe do Camiño street may be the main point of reference in the afternoon and early hours of the night, and later at night, bars like the UFO in the lower part of the historic center become a reference point for diverse people.

As for the cruising areas close to the city, there are two quite well frequented and very well known to the gay public, and most people can tell visitors about their location or how to get there if you need to travel by car. They are more frequented during night hours. Very close to the city there are also motels that allow visits by the hour. Venus is recommended, a few kilometres from the city centre.

Pontevedra celebrates its LGBT+ Pride between the months of June and July.  It usually consists of film, meetings on sexual and emotional diversity, and the FLOP festival (Free Life Pride Pontevedra)- 12 continuous hours of electronic music in a city park with well known local and international DJs.

If you have time to go to the beach, there are several options less than half an hour from the  capital. The beach of Barra, a paradise located at the end of the Morrazo peninsula, with a lively gay life at the bottom of the sand and in the nearby forests, is highly recommended. After or before your visit, the nearby cliffs of Costa da Vela and Cabo Home are a must see, with spectacular views of the ocean and the Atlantic islands of Galicia.

Another smaller and cosier alternative is the beach of Bascuas in the municipality of Sanxenxo, with lovely areas to walk between the rocks when the low tide allows it, and an interesting beach restaurant where you can taste local the gastronomy. If you prefer a wilder option, you can visit San Vicente do Mar in O Grove, with fantastic solitary coves that are frequently visited by LGBT+ people.

In larger nearby cities there are other types of gay premises. For example, the club RoyBleck, which has been the gay hotspot of the south of Galicia for many years, or the Hole, a newer place that opens up late at night and is closes in daylight hours. In Santiago, the point of reference is Bloom, a fashionable music venue in the Galician capital. In both Santiago and Vigo there are gay saunas open every day of the year.