Hoteliers in Pontevedra give Multisport their fun new tourist app


City Promotion and Sports Councillors Anabel Gulias and Anxos Riveiro met this morning with the Pontevedra Association of Hoteliers to talk about a new means of collaboration to help Multisport visitors to get to know the city during the World Champs. At the disposal of the Multisports championship, they have made available an app of own tourist information – free of charge, -called Soundwalkrs, that up to now was for the exclusive use of their clients.

The hostelry app is an app for tourist information based on an “immersive” experience of the visitor, which allows them to get to know the city in a dynamic and fun way, through secrets, games and active participation. It is an innovative audio guide that is available in English and Spanish, and that from now on will also be available in Galician and French. In addition, it will integrate information on sporting and recreational events of the triathlon world.

Soundwalk is a technological start-up created in 2014, that chose Pontevedra as the first city to have this “immersive” guide for its international expansion in Europe by sharing the urban values ​​of sustainability and quality, as pointed out by Pilar Rojas, of the Association Soundwalk. Using the app, the participants of the World Champs will have an audio guide with content documented by the historian Milagros Bará, and through Explores she will reference geographically all the areas of the triathlon events, activities and games associated with the World Champs.

People interested in accessing the soundwalks app can do so with code npu457.