Mercedes Peón brings her ethno-electric music to Multisport


The Mercedes Peón concert will surprise you. On Tuesday, April 30th, at 10 o’clock in the evening, the versatile creator and researcher of the musical roots of Galicia will be on the main stage of Multisport TriFest, to which she squeezes all her original power until it becomes a contemporary experience.

It will be a show in which the viewer will vibrate with the most intense electronic effects and the exquisiteness of an international artist. During a long season, she showed the result of her folk research in the popular program of Galician public television, Luar, which was hugely successful.

After spending 25 years studying the musical tradition of Galicia, she recorded her first album in 2000, Isué, from which she built an international prestige without promotional work. In 2018, she released her fifth and final work, Deixaas, the result of an intense period of investigation on the possibilities of the solid art, a field which it is an international reference. Today she is a well known and popular artist, who offers Europe ethno-contemporary music.

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