Panorama, the complete Galician party experience


The Panorama Orchestra will accompany us on Sunday, April 28th (an election day for Spanish citizens), when participants of the Multisport Worlds can take advantage of participating in this impressive show of light and sound. Panorama is one of the highlights of TriFest – they also performed in the 2014 Duathlon World Championship, and their impressive stage was also the setting for the Age Groups medal ceremony in front of thousands of people.

The prominence of this musical experience in the Galician summer is indisputable, their regular concerts are always packed with fans.  It’s a show full of light, dancers, acrobats, singers and musicians, who perform a repertoire of hits that are well known to all. It is, for their pure excellence, the most outstanding group of the Galician scene.

The group was formed in 1988, five years later it modified its stage and incorporated state-of-the-art technology in its design, giving much more prominence to the dancers and visual attractions, which combined with the quality of its sound and a lot of  careful marketing, revolutionised the world of Galician musical entertainment.

According to the introduction of their 2019 show, “besides having in the repertoire the most current themes, the funniest moments, the most spectacular ‘performance’, which are hallmarks of Panorama, we will enrich our show with musical memories and always with the ‘number one’ of artists and topics, “explains the director of the training, Manuel Lito-Garrido.

They will bring to the Multisport Worlds their ‘Number One Tour’: a brilliant and surprising spectacle: “It is a great exciting challenge, that fills us with energy, going on stage before the public ‘number one’ – who are all of you. We count on your involvement as part of the show and with your applause. You are the reason Panorama exists and with you we are going to share the best moments “, adds Lito.

Take a peek: