Parade of Nations with a tribute to our mascot Ravachol and Opening Ceremony with a show created expressly by Pablo Méndez


Multisport will open its doors with the company of dozens of bagpipers, traditional dance and a music show with aerial dance, all locally produced. It will be on Friday, 26th of April, with the first appointment at 17:30, when participating athletes will gather in the square of A Ferrería, right in the heart of the city.

From there, the triathletes taking part in the parade of flags will depart and in front of the Ravachol parrot monument (emblem and mascot of the championships) they will be greeted by a group of people dressed in period clothing, emulating the time of the apothecary D. Perfecto Feijóo, the parrot’s owner at the beginning of the 20th century. All the flags will wave to the parrot and the period dressed characters.

The athletes will depart from Ferraría following the group of bagpipe players ‘Os de Algures’, and the ‘Ballet Folclórico de Galicia’ traditional dance company, who will lead the parade. After greeting the Ravachol, they will parade along Michelena Street to the Plaza de España, where the main stage will be facing the City Council building and with its back to the monument to the Heroes of Ponte Sampaio. The parade will finish with a fantastic band of about 40 musicians, who will be the finishing touch to the popular Galician motifs who will start the show on stage.

Here, the traditional dance company will offer a small sample of their work, we will listen to
the official speeches, the judges’ declarations and a show of music, color and dance that is being choreographed by the Pablo Méndez Performances company; a company from Pontevedra which entertains people at celebrations all over the world. Examples of their shows are: residence in Fabrik hall in Madrid, the Winter Music Conference in Miami, the Gay Pride in Vienna, and different festivals in Mexico, Tanger, Casablanca, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Germany and Belgium. They are also commonly seen at Ibiza ‘fiestas’.

The authorities’ speeches will begin with the General Secretary of Sport of the Xunta de Galicia (local government), the President of the Diputación (local Council), the President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, the Mayor of the Pontevedra and President of the Organising Committee, and the President of the ITU, who will close the act.

At the end of the event, the bagpipers will accompany the athletes to the ‘Galician style Pasta Party’ venue, which is close by. Then, the bagpipers of ‘Os de Algures’ and the traditional dancers of ‘Ballet Folclórico de Galicia’ will prolong their stay, offering popular traditional dances in different squares of the historic center.