Long Distance circuit published


The Long Distance circuit will consist in 3 km swimming, 112.5 km by bike and a 30 km run. Participants will swim from the String bridge to Santiago bridge and the riverside beach, and then return to their starting point. The running stretch has 4 laps, going through the CGTD, the historic center, O Covo island and the riverside beach. Finally, the bike race will reach the outskirts of the city of Pontevedra until the 100-kilometre mark is surpassed.

The bike race starts in the transitional area of the CGTD and moves towards the university campus. From that point, it runs alongside river Lérez via Compostela avenue, then comes back through road N550 until O Pontillón crossing, turns right as it gets close to the reservoir and Bordel Place, returns using the same track until it reconnects with road N550 and moves down to San Antoniño, in the town of Barro. Competitors will return to the city using the road that ends in Santiago bridge, and then exit the roundabout between As Galeras street and Buenos Aires avenue to access CGTC, where the finish line is located.

An illustrated booklet may be downloaded from the event’s website. The graphical elements are intended to help participants study the itineraries and prepare the competition, since they include all the altimetric and distance analyses that will clarify any technical difficulties the competition might present.