Swiss Delia Sclabas and Spanish Sergio Baxter Cabrera, brilliant champions of the Junior World of Duathlon


Today, the 2019 ITU Pontevedra Multisport World Championships by Santander was a great day for Spanish Duathlon. Sergio Baxter Cabrera won the male Junior category in a race that he controlled at all times. From the beginning he was in the header group and he secured his gold medal after unleashing a successful attack on the bike segment to which none of his rivals could respond. The Ukrainian Vitalii Vorontsov crossed the finish line 44 seconds after the winner, and Belgian Giani Vanden Broucke also shared the podium.

“I felt very good on the first run section and then also on the bike. It was very nice to get this medal in a place like Pontevedra” commented the new Duathlon World Champion in Junior category.

In the women’s competition of Junior Duathlon, Laura Durán got on the podium to receive the bronze medal. The race was dominated by Swiss Delia Sclabas, who achieved a clear victory ahead of the Italian Constanza Arpinelli. Meanwhile, Laura Durán, was in the pursuing group and, gradually, was dropping her rivals to end up making third position in the last run segment, in which she overtook Eva Daniels from Luxembourg.


The the para-duathlon competition of the 2019 ITU Pontevedra Multisport World Championships by Santander was also held this morning. A total of thirteen Spanish athletes took part in the different categories of duathlon and achieved eleven medals.

Jairo Ruiz dominated the PTS5 category, in which he won the gold medal ahead of the Italian Mauro Gava and Spanish Rubén Martínez who achieved bronze. In the PTS3 category, Daniel Molina, Raúl Zambrana and Joaquín Carrasco grabbed the medals. José Manuel Quintero won the PTWC category. He also highlighted the performance of Ricardo Marín and José Joaquín Martínez, second and third respectively in PTS2 in a test in which the Frenchman Geoffrey Wersy got the victory. Jorge Orejón and Francisco Jesús San Martín achieved silver and bronze in PTS4, behind the Irish Tojo Lazzari. Finally, Josefina Guimarey rose to the second step of the podium in female PTS5 after a competition that was overtaken by New Zealander Fiona Southorn.