The countdown begins to the Multisport Worlds


¨The Multisport Worlds are already a success¨ was the most repeated phrase among the numerous participants in an official presentation which marked the 30 day countdown to the World Championship competitions. There will be 18 different competitions; multiplying the 2 or 3 disciplines that each race includes, it gives 34 different swim, run and bike areas of competition.

¨It will be an unbeatable event¨ said Ramon Mella, journalist and presenter of the act, before inviting all the guests to toast to the success of the organisation so far with a glass of Albariño.

Sports Councillor Anxos Riviero was the first to speak, followed by Laura Barreiro, representative of Pontevedra´s office of volunteers, and then the reigning ITU Long Distance World Champion, Pablo Dapena, the three stars of the event, as every speaker who followed thanked the volunteers for their work. Barreiro mentioned the 11 years in which the group of volunteers have been supporting the sports events of the city with their energy, and how motivation, enthusiasm and team spirit are their main principles and sources of inspiration. ¨We want to surpass people’s expectations¨ he said, predicting a happy event.

Pablo Dapena said that the 4th of May will be a ¨tough day at the office¨ as he will be going all out to defend his title and spoke of his friends who were sorely missed from the presentation, Javi Gómez Noya and Saleta Castro, who were both unable to attend, Javi being in New Zealand and Saleta training Valencia. Both starred however in one of the 5 videos that were shown during the ceremony, which are being used on various platforms to promote the Multisport Worlds.

Short speeches were also made by spokespeople from different municipals, apart from María Rey of Ciudadanos who sent her apologies as she was called away at the last minute due to a family problem. Tanto Luis Rei (Marea), Agustín Fernández (PSOE), Rafael Domínguez (PP) and Raimundo González (BNG) expressed their satisfaction with the progress of the preparation work and their confidence that it will be a brilliant event in which the whole city will collaborate.

To close the ceremony, the promoters of the Multisport Worlds spoke. The President of the Galician Triathlon Federation, Gonzalo Triunfo, spoke in the name of the Spanish Federations, thanking all administrations for their involvement. Speaking for the institutional block were the sub-delegate of the Government, Maica Larriba; the Secretary of Sport for the Government of Galicia, José Ramón Lete; the President of the Local Council Carmela Silva; and then Mayor of Pontevedra and President of the Organising Committee Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores.