The Duathlon World Championships will go through the very heart of Pontevedra


The launch of Pontevedra’s pedestrian friendly urban model, which has become a benchmark throughout the world for sustainable mobility, will allow the Duathlon World Championships on the 27th and 28th April (part of the Multisport World Championships 2019) to take place in the very heart of the Galician city.  In both the sprint and the standard distance races, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the public in a city that is well known for Spanish triathlon and with a long tradition in the organisation of big events.  The easy access to the different spectator viewpoints on the running and cycling sections, either on foot or by bike, which will be very close to the main competition area, will enable supporters to enjoy cheering on their favourite athletes to the maximum.

The two running segments of the 2019 Pontevedra Duathlon World Championships will pass through the old town of Pontevedra, which boasts Medieval origin.  Being one of the best preserved old towns in Galicia and Northern Spain, this historic centre was declared a site of historic and artistic interest in 1951.  The streets, with striking buildings, monuments and a great atmosphere from the spectators, await the athletes who, in the Sprint and Elite categories will pass through the stadium of the Galician Sports Centre (CGTD) on each lap. The stadium is where the transition will also be, as well as the finish line which will be in front of the stands within the stadium.

The Duathlon Elite and U23 World Championships will consist of four laps which complete 10 kilometres on the first segment, six laps on the bike adding up to 40 kilometres and two final laps for the second run section of 2.5 kilometres adding up to 5 kilometres.  The women’s race will start at 15:45 on the 27th and the men’s race at 18:45.  Also on Saturday 27th April will be the Sprint Distance Junior races: the women’s start time is at 11.45 and the men’s at 13.45, and the Sprint Distance Age Group races will start from 08:00.  On Sunday the 28th, also from 08:00, the Age Group Standard Distance World Championships will take place, with a 10 kilometre run made up of four laps for the first segment and the final run section of 5 kilometres is run in two laps.

The bike course will mainly be through the urban area in the sprint distance race and the Elite and U23 categories, with the bridge called ‘Puente de los Tirantes’ over the River Lerez as the main axis.  For age groupers, the bike circuit will be lengthened so that the 20 kilometre bike section will be completed in just one lap, providing the best comfort possible in the competition for the participants and avoiding congestion on the circuit.  The 40 kilometre bike section of the Standard Distance World Championships will also be in one single lap with an extended route that will reach the ‘Pontillón do Castro’ reservoir.

The ParaDuathlon World Championships will be held on Sunday 28th April from 14:00.  The run section, also through the heart of Pontevedra, will have two laps to make 5 kilometres for the first section and one lap of 2.5 kilometres on the second run section after completing 20 kilometres on the bike section in four laps in a very urban setting.

The Duathlon Mixed Relay World Championships will also be held on Sunday 28th April from 17:30.  It will be a very intense competition, with the run section mainly around the athletic stadium area of the Galician Sports Centre (CGTD) and a totally urban cycling section.  Each participant will first run two laps completing 1.5 kilometres, cycle one lap of 5 kilometres and then run another 750 metres before handing over the relay to a teammate or heading to the finish line if they are the last in their team to compete.

Registration is currently open through each National Federation. The closing date for registration is the 27th March 2019.

Spanish athletes with a FETRI license will benefit from a 40% discount on the official registration price of the event until the 31st January 2019.  Registration for FETRI licensed athletes for sprint distance can be processed here: and for standard distance here: