The European championship in Ibiza felt like a global event


Multisport ’19 was present in the 2018 Multisport European Championship held in Ibiza from 19 to 28 October. The official stand rolled out a PR initiative with international athletes and sent a group of volunteers from the city of Pontevedra to collaborate with the organizers. Each participant received all the essential information through a promotional flyer.

The stand showcased a variety of audiovisual materials, professional photographers took pictures for the event’s social media outlets and offered both delegations and triathletes plenty of information about Pontevedra and the autonomic community of Galicia, especially regarding accommodation options during the competition, the closest airports to fly in and out, as well as travel times from a number of key points around the city to the main venue around the String bridge.

From the reports gathered by the group of volunteers that travelled to the island, many participants have taken an interest in next year’s Pontevedra event, not only for the relevance of this international competition, but also because they have learnt to appreciate the atmosphere of celebration that the championships bring along, the safe and calm environment of a pedestrianized city, not to forget the beauty of the itineraries, particularly in the case of triathlon cross, which was tested for the first time in the most recent Spanish championship of this modality.