The Galician culture of rock art, present in the prizes for Multisport finishers


Welcome packs, a set of medals and finisher t-shirts are the three gifts that are being made for the participants and finishers of Pontevedra Multisport 2019.  The athletes will receive an Austral brand sports backpack, in which-among other useful and practical items-they will find a copy of the official World Championships Magazine and a desk calendar published by the city, which is almost entirely dedicated to the event.

The design on the two prizes which will be awarded to the finishers (a medal and a t-shirt) is based on the historical Galician culture of rock art engravings that can be found in many places around the surroundings of Pontevedra.  To showcase and emphasise the importance of our roots and of our heritage, the contemporary symbol on the prizes is a simplified version of these rock carvings, referencing one of the characteristic circular labyrinths.

Petroglyphs are engravings made in open air rock some 4000 to 5000 ago, and can be found all over the world.  In Galicia, and especially around Pontevedra, a great number of these primitive artistic creations can be found-the most in Europe-and they are still very well preserved.  Their symbolic references range from an enigmatic concentration of circles, to hunting or home and domestic scenes.

One of the parallel leisure activities recommended is a visit to the archaeological rock art park, located in Campo Lameiro (;

an important centre for the interpretation of the primitive Galician culture, around 20 kilometres from Pontevedra city centre.  There are also identifiable petroglyphs visible in nearby towns, such as those in Mogor, Marin and in Tourón, Ponte Caldelas.

Both the medals and the t-shirts will have different colours depending on the sports that they reference, with a colour scale from yellow to the official blue of ITU branding, with the orange, deep red and violet of the official Multisport logo.