The promo campaign has began around Pontevedra and its surroundings


Two different teams are currently promoting the Multisport Worlds through direct communication with citizens. On the one hand, one team is distributing promotional material around the city and, on the other hand, another is in nearby town halls, where they are located with an advertising banner in places frequented as fairs or markets.

These central points of towns and cities are special places to carry out the direct distribution of flyers, which mainly contain the schedules of the main sporting events and the concerts of the TriFest, which appear in the Multisport programme as parallel events.

The team that is distributing pamphlets around the city are not giving them directly to the people walking around the streets, but informing the shop and bar keepers, whilst taking the opportunity to give them basic explanations and offer them a supporting information for the showcase with the image of the event (which they can later reuse for any other campaign they wish), within the slogan “Pontevedra is global”. They are also left with a conventional poster and a number of informative brochures.

This direct communication campaign pursues a more appropriate informative campaign among the businesses of the city, to reinforce the importance of the Worlds in relation to any other event that has taken place.

Likewise, the campaign outside the city aims to disseminate (through the Multisport social network pages) information about the competition while giving the visitors some interesting snaps of a few of the pleasant places that surround the city, such as the port of Combarro or the viewpoint of the Costa da Vela, two iconic places that must be visited. These photographs will be accompanied by evocative texts about each tourist attraction and will reach the more than 8,000 recipients that have Fb, Twitter and Ig networks.