The World Championships races will only cut off part of the historic center for two Saturdays


Over the next few days information is being distributed about the affects on the motorised traffic in the places of the urban center by those that are organising the different races of the Multisport worlds that will take place starting on the 27th. In particular, those that affect several streets of the historical center, that will be closed to cars and motorcycles. Although the route of the races is different in the interior of the historic center, the road conditions will be very similar on both days.

On Saturday April 27th only, (morning and afternoon) and May 4th (only in the afternoon) the running races will enter the historic center to tour streets and squares. Unlike other occasions, the Cobián Roffignac street will remain open, but not to everyone, only for resident services or garages, leaving Santa Clara or Barcelos. Both Cobián Roffignac and Cruz Roja and Irmáns Sobrino Buhigas will be cut off totally.

In the area of ​​the market, its surroundings will be open, with access from the Avenue of Buenos Aires, which will be cut off near the Santiago Bridge. Both Tirantes and Santiago Bridges will be cut off, as the sports course runs through them. The connections between the CGTD stadium and the historic center will be made through the streets called Padre Gaite and Padre Fernando Olmedo, the avenue of Buenos Aires (between Tirantes and Santiago) and the new pedestrian sections of the Red Cross.

Above you can check the plans of each of the days.