These are the T-shirts that await the finishers of Pontevedra 2019 at the finish line


Athletes who complete one of the 5 races of the 2019 Pontevedra ITU Multisport World Championships by Santander will receive an exclusive official ‘Finisher’ T-shirt when they cross the finish line; an unforgettable keepsake of their time at the World Champs, which rewards their effort and acknowledges their participation, along with the medal that will also be hung around their neck.

There will be a special t-shirt for each of the events that make up the Multisport World Championships: Sprint Duathlon, Standard Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquathlon and Long Distance Triathlon.

The back of the T-shirt has a design based on the Galician petroglyphs and rock art culture that surround the city of Pontevedra, a logo based on heritage, highlighting the value of the Galician culture through a contemporary symbol which reflects a simplified version of the characteristic circular mazes.

Petroglyphs are carvings and inscriptions made in open-air rock some 4,000 – 5,000 years ago, which are scattered throughout the world. In Galicia and around Pontevedra, the greatest concentration of these primitive artistic creations in Europe are well preserved, with symbols ranging from the enigmatic collections of circles, to hunting or domestic scenes.

Both the trophies and the t-shirts will differentiate in colour for each of the disciplines they refer to, on a colour scale that moves from yellow to the corporate blue of ITU, through the orange, red and violet that appear in the official logo of Pontevedra Multisport.