Thirteen infographics with maps as guides for the the Multisport World Championship races


A total of thirteen infographics with all the relevant information needed for insights and viewing of each race in the Multisport Championships 2019 were presented by the Sports Councillor of Pontevedra, Anxos Riveiro, accompanied by the work’s creator, Pontevedra designer Xan Sabrís.

Riveiro thanked and celebrated “the magnificent informative work, aimed at both athletes and the general public equally”, and showed great pride in the fact that the work was produced in Pontevedra.  She also said that she was very satisfied with the development of the preparations of the Multisport Championships: “We’ve started the year very well with the Cyclocross Spanish Championship, with a great atmosphere and huge participation; I’m sure it will be a great precedent for the Multisport Championships.”

The author of the maps, Xan Sabrís, from Pontevedra media studio ‘Sabrís Media’, said that the greatest challenge was to find a balance between the information needed by the general public and that of the athletes themselves, he expressed great satisfaction that this has been achieved: “I think we have reached a parity of information that both types of public needed.”

Each of the races, which will take place between the 27th April and the 5th May, appear ‘radiographed’ on the infographics, helping the public to track the race from their preferred location and providing the athletes with all the information necessary about altitude, discipline segments, fuel stations, mechanic services, turn points, distances and number of laps.

The maps can be downloaded in PDF format from the website, they can also be downloaded in KMZ and GPX format.  Each of them consists of a map of the city on which different segments of the races will appear.  Most incorporate elevation information of the northern zone (a triangle between Barro and Pontillón do Castro) and also include a race course profile with altitudes, especially interesting for the bike segments and the crossing points.

The races which the maps refer to -published only in English- are: aquabike, aquathlon (age group and junior) cross triathlon (elite, age group and junior), duathlon (elite, junior, para duathlon and relay in either sprint or standard distances) and long distance triathlon.

All these maps will be published in paper in the official event magazine, as well as other supporting or advertising publications that will be created for interested athletes and for public information.

The maps can be viewed or downloaded via this link: