This is… ¡¡¡Ravachol!!!


This fun parrot is the 2019 Pontevedra ITU Multisport World Championships official Mascot!!!!

Ravachol welcomes you to the #ITUpontevedra19

Ravachol was born in the late nineteenth century.

He was the parrot pet of Mr. Perfecto Feijoo, and he was living at the pharmacy that he had in the Peregrina Square in Pontevedra. He was very appreciated by the people of the city because of his famous dialogues and expressions, not always correct, because he was very foul-mouthed. His famous sayings was “if I take the rod…,” “here no guarantee” or “Arre, arre” when passing mule trains. He was died during the Carnival of 1.913, therefore, a joke, people did him a funeral with great honours that was attended by a large cortege. Retrieving his figure, since 1.985, a burning of his effigy is organized, meaning the end of the festivities of Carnival. Long live Ravachol, representative of satire and good living of Pontevedra!