A different city


What is Pontevedra like? Come and see it for yourself and you will discover a true urban experience in the city that was capable of reinventing itself. A unique and different place to visit. You will love it here. Take a look! Few cars, low pollution, little noise, and no stress. Plenty of children playing in the streets and squares. And people moving around on foot, doing their chores, going on a day trip or continuing their pilgrimage. The whole city is a lively place to shop around and to be in good company. Enjoy your stay.

And come back soon. You are always welcome.

Warm summers. Mild winters. No extremes of temperature. The rainy season keeps our greenery plush and luxuriant, in a region that is know worldwide for its high quality wines, and albariño in particular. 

The city climate is no less pleasing: noise pollution is limited and few cars means barely any fumes. In other words, Pontevedra boasts an ideal location to avoid the scorching heat and freezing cold of the interior. Hence the nickname Galifornia!

  • ­Cars will not bother you
  • You are one step away from one of the largest open-air archaeological sites in Europe (Campo Lameiro)
  • The street lights you can see in the centre of Amsterdam were designed here
  • The number of casualties due to traffic accidents is zero
  • It was the largest Galician port in the 14th century
  • Galician fashion designers of the future study here
  • This is the first city in Spain to set a 30 km/h speed limit
  • Our carbon footprint has decreased 66% over the last decade
  • Tonucci believes that Pontevedra is the closest example to his ideal ‘City for Children’
  • More than 50 delegations visit us every year to learn about urban transformation
  • There are 228 different species of tree and 133 of birds
  • The best beaches in the Rías Baixas are less than 20 kilometres away
  • The whole city is accessible for everyone, including people with mobility difficulties
  • Benito Soto, the 19th century pirate who sailed the Atlantic, was born in Pontevedra
  • 72% of urban displacements are done on foot or by bicycle
  • This is the only city where you may park for free just five minutes from the centre
  • The Museum of Pontevedra is a key referent in understanding Galician culture
  • The main Spanish research and development institution for the study of mycology has its headquarters in the city
  • An estimated 200,000 visitors enjoyed Feira Franca in the first Saturday of September in its last edition
  • Pontevedra is committed to recovering its estuary, which encompasses Marín, Bueu and Combarro
  • 80% of children go to school on foot, many of them on their own