Streets and squares


Pontevedra is a city to be explored on foot, like the pilgrims who cross though it from the South to North, on their way to Santiago De Compostela.  But it’s not just the pilgrims who enjoy walking everyday, the streets and squares in Pontevedra are an extended part of the habitants´ own home.  It takes no time at all to get anywhere on foot, there’s no need to take the car.  We hope you’ll join us in our wonderful habit of strolling around, enjoying streets and squares without cars.

Pontevedra has great urban scenery to enjoy during your leisure time, full of liveliness and a party atmosphere at any moment and a splendid setting to enjoy a vermouth, coffee or other drinks.  To eat, it becomes an authentic open-air restaurant, full of traditional and innovative gastronomy.  Here, and all around Galicia, you can find all the different tastes that you can imagine, especially tapas and shellfish from the sea and Ría.

Whether you are shopping or strolling, here for business, work or other gatherings, there are so many bars, restaurants, cafes and shops on the streets of a city that does not have commercial centres, but is full of life, commerce and values. Some of these shops and eateries are inside commercial galleries and others on boulevards lined with palm trees and olive trees.  All the city centre streets are car free, so you can enjoy them with all their safety and intensity.

Years ago, the streets were full of cars but now they are pedestrianised for the use of the people of the city. The squares are the heart of Pontevedra, and generate vital energy for the city throughout the year. With their names taken from ancient traders and shops, or dedicated to navigators or writers, the squares each have their own style. A happy and carefree life can be witnessed and enjoyed on the abundant terraces; meals, drinks, vermouths, coffees, children playing, party and tranquility, music and recollection … you can find everything in the bustling and always ambient squares built of stone.

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