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What do I have to do to become a volunteer?

It’s easy! To register you only have to enter the webpage and fill out the form.

If I’ve already been a volunteer at other sports events, do I still have to fill out the official form?

Yes, because it helps us to update the database and organise things better by knowing your availability, your experience/skills and possible changes of circumstances or personal details etc.

From what age is it possible to be a volunteer at the 2019 Pontevedra Multisport Championships?

From 16 years old at the time of the event (with signed authorisation and permission from a parent or guardian) to 99 years old!

How do I fill in the official registration document?

If you are over 18, you can fill in the from online on our official event webpage.  If you are between 16 and 18 years old you will need permission from your parent or guardian, you will find the section to complete on the form.

If I’m not from Pontevedra, can I still volunteer?

Of course! Anyone and everyone is welcome!  However, you should keep in mind that your help is voluntary and we cannot help you with any expenses so you will have to pay for your own travel and accommodation etc, unless you want to stay at one of our facilities (sports halls and pavilions) that will be set up for this. If this is the case, you must provide your own sleeping bag, flip flops (obligatory), towels and toiletries.

It’s been a while since I registered and no one has contacted me from the organisation, what should I do?

We will be in contact as soon as possible, but if you think too much time has passed and that maybe there could be an error with the contact details we have for you, please contact us via our email address: oficinadevoluntariado@gmail.com

What work will I/can I do?

According to your profile, your likes, your abilities and of course the needs of the organisation team and the event, you can choose from a range of functions which will be distributed into different areas: accreditations and administration, logistics, road safety, protocol etc.

What rights do I have as a volunteer at 2019 Pontevedra Multisport Championships?

You will receive general and specific training for your post as a volunteer, receive appropriate safety clothes/equipment for your work, to be covered by insurance for your civil responsibilities and other accidents, be coordinated and supported in your role, receive official volunteer equipment, participate in a special programme of activities for volunteers during the championships, access to areas reserved only for volunteers, receive a certificate for your participation as a volunteer, and take part in the different parties that will be organised during the 2019 PONTEVEDRA ITU MULTISPORT CHAMPIONSHIPS! And above all, you will be a part of the biggest sports event in the history of Pontevedra!

What obligations will I have as a volunteer at the 2019 Pontevedra Multisport Championships?

You must respect the timetables that are organised by the organisation with absolute scrupulousness and be willing and eager to be the best volunteer posible.  We will entrust you with this extremely important role and you must act responsibly all times.  We ask you to take care of any equipment entrusted to you or around you and look after our beautiful environment.

We rely on you to help us to achieve the best event possible, making the organisation team, the event and the city of Pontevedra be remembered with the greatest affection by the thousands of visitors to our city.

In the case of any other inquiries, how can I contact the organisation?

If you have any other enquiry not answered above, feel free to contact us via this email address:  oficinadevoluntariado@gmail.com

En que consiste o curso de formación?

O curso de formación axudaranos a adquirir aqueles coñecementos básicos e necesarios para realizar os nosos labores como persoas voluntarias de xeito satisfactorio. Nel, ademais dunha formación xeral sobre o Multisport Pontevedra 2019, levarase a cabo unha formación específica do área que elixades.

É obligatoria a asistencia?

Si, é imprescindible para todos aqueles que queiran formar parte do Multisport asistir ao curso de formación, polo que para facilitar a vosa asistencia darémosvos a oportunidade de elixir entre dúas datas que vos serán comunicadas preferentemente por correo electrónico.

No caso de que non poidas asistir, poderei colaborar como voluntario/a?

No caso de que por motivos de forza maior non poidas asistir a ningunha das dúas datas sinaladas, ponche en contacto connosco no correo oficinadevoluntariado@gmail.com e intentaremos liquidar o problema.

Cando teño que recoller a acreditación e o uniforme?

Tanto a acreditación como voluntario/a como a uniformidade, deberíades recollerlas unha vez realizado o curso de formación. Diso informarállevos o mesmo día do curso.